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Project First Sale Review & My Actual Proof?

Getting The Ball Rolling: Project First Sale Results 03/02/2013

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Welcome back friends and family! I’ve decided to go ahead and share my earnings here on my blog again so you guys can see the progress I’ve been making. I’ve found it to be pretty motivating and inspiring for me to track/document my results, but hopefully it will help you guys get started as well. Let me just jump right to the point and show you my latest screenshot, and you can see for yourself how things are working out for me.

Project First Sale ClickSure Results:

ClickSure 03-02-2013

You can see that ClickSure has changed the look and feel of their website. To be honest… I like it… a lot! It makes navigation much quicker, and you can go back and forth between sales and clicks. You can now also easily track your sales for the week and the month. Likewise, you can now compare your current sales with the sales you made during that same time frame the week before.

Many of you already know, I’ve been using Mark Wilson’s system to set up campaigns here and there while trying to balance a full time job. However, I’ve got a great feeling that I’m going to start working full time from home soon instead. Once I started seeing the sales (you see above and all over my blog), it became really motivating and encouraging to continue!

I mean, I’ve really just been spending a few hours per week setting up these interactive presentation campaigns with the PFS software and training. I’m getting better and faster at it day by day, and now I have the results to show for it!

It takes a bit of time initially to learn the ropes and get all the little details tweaked right, but all you gotta do is follow the instructions and use the PFS software. I feel that having gotten the extras certainly helped me as well although I’m not sure where I would be today if I hadn’t got them. I think it just helped accelerate the whole process. Since I don’t have all that much time, I figured it was important to just start out right and have the most advantages possible.

If you guys are thinking about using the PFS system but work full time too or have a family to take care of (and thus don’t have much time), I recommend taking advantage of the pre-made sites to get your earnings up right from the beginning. Not only did I have my sites right away, I used them for templates to copy what has already been tried and tested. This helped me make sure the campaigns I built from scratch would also do well. However, if you’re on a budget and have the time to kind of experiment with things on your own, you can just go with the basic system.

Once you get a successful campaign set up, it just keeps bringing you sales on autopilot. In the beginning though, you just want to set up as many as possible to better your chances and learn the ideal way to do it. Once you get the hang of it, you just duplicate what works and my earnings have been reflecting this.

Anyways, I gotta run. I’m going to continue setting up more campaigns, and I’ll be back with my results after a while. Remember guys, leave a comment if you have questions or anything.

Project First Sale Review – How 3 Ordinary Folks Make Money Online Fast

Hey friends! Samantha here, to share my thoughts and experience on “Project First Sale”.

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Project First Sale is a new product from Mark Wilson designed to teach people how to make money online fast with affiliate marketing. In this review, we will be seeing exactly how it works. Watch how it turns three ordinary people into first-time affiliate commission earners:

Project First Sale Review – Could You Do This?

Be Ware Of Phony Reviews! Their Real Website Is projectfirstsale.com

Affiliate marketing has always been the preferred way to make money online because it allows one to build a passive income by working from home. However, normally it isn’t the solution to make money online fast since it takes so much time and effort to build it up. That is only if you know exactly what you are doing.

In this Project First Sale review, you’ll see that there is finally a different way. Please ignore the cheesiness of the video and how they brag about how much money they have made, etc – yeah, it was a turn off for me too. But then… I realized they had to prove to us that they weren’t messing around. Anyone can claim to make money online with the crazy amounts they show, but in this Project First Sale review video, we actually see the undeniable proof for ourselves.

Is It A Scam?

Still… I guess those screenshots can always be faked, right? However, I am a big fan of how they did it differently. They actually showed how three newcomers (which had never made any money online or even tried affiliate marketing) could put it to the test. After a very short while, they were able to produce around $100 per day.

I thought that was extremely impressive, but I’ve been scammed before. They are getting craftier and craftier with their marketing videos these days, and it is important to be extremely cautious.

Sure.. I was afraid it was a scam, but with the 60 day refund policy from ClickSure, I thought I should at least give it a try (especially with the discount link I share here above).

Make Money Online Fast? Success At Last!

As you can see on the right, I was finally able to reproduce the results somewhat! It did take me a few days longer than they

Sam's ClickSure earnings!

claimed in the video, and I’m not quite at $100 per day just yet, but I was psyched! Actually, I’m still ecstatic!

This was wonderful news to me! I was just getting sick and tired of struggling with affiliate marketing, and I thought there just wasn’t anything out there to make money online fast (or ever).

I will be posting my results as I go from now on here on this Project First Sale review blog because I know people will always be skeptical. Please leave a comment if you have any questions!

UPDATE (01-15-2013): Check out my updated earnings!


My Updated Results! Affiliate Marketing For Beginners to Making Money Online Fast

Hey guys! It’s Sam again, and I’m back to sharing my updated earnings with you after nearly a week of using PFS (affiliate marketing program for beginners).

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I was so excited about actually making money online so fast and finally with affiliate marketing after using it that I had to share my initial results yesterday.

UPDATE (03-02-2013): Check out my updated earnings!

Updated ClickSure Earnings 1-15-2013It seems that I should have just waited ’till today, because I woke up to what you see on the left! The crazy thing is, it is only 12:22 PM as I’m writing this, but I have already earned $355.95 in affiliate commissions today only!

As I wrote yesterday, it took me a bit longer to get my first sale than they showed in the video. Initially, I also wasn’t making the $100′s per day. Either way, I was still super happy that I was started to make money online fast after trying out Mark Wilson’s system.

Yesterday, I got my highest affiliate commission ever of $60.37. However… as can see for today, I woke up to a whopping $350.

I know it is a bit early to tell where this is all going because I try to be more of a realist than an optimist especially when it comes to affiliate marketing or any kind of “make money online” venture.  But… my progress seems to be exponential already just for the first few days of earning.

To me, this has proved one of the best approaches to affiliate marketing for beginners. There seem to be a lot of affiliate marketing programs for beginners out there, but that’s just the scary part. Most of these products are just plain scams. They just teach you obsolete methods, so you waste more than just your money; you’re also wasting your time.

Any form of internet marketing requires patience and a keen eye for what is credible and what’s not. The art behind selling affiliate products comes with experience, but the science (the technical challenges) of it is what generally dissuades people from persevering.

The hardest part of affiliate marketing for newcomers is getting that initial sale. Once you have achieved this, it is all about copying that same strategy over and over again. With time, you will learn how to optimize and streamline the process to increase your residual income.

To get over the challenge of achieving that very first ClickBank or ClickSure commission, do exactly what I did.

UPDATE 02-04-2013: After leaving just my first two campaigns running to see if they would continue to provide a passive income, here are my ClickSure earnings:


Not bad right? I’m definitely going to set up more campaigns like this. I just wanted to check to see whether they would continue to provide this income on autopilot.

I’ve Started Using ClickBank Now for Affiliate Marketing

Hey again guys! Sam here with another quick update in my affiliate marketing venture.

Learn more about the system I use here

I know I haven’t been back to this blog in a while, but I’ve been pretty darn busy…

I’m doing so well with affiliate marketing now that I am actually going to be leaving my job soon!

I’ve been a marketing consultant in the renewable energy industry for several years now… and… to be honest, I thought that’s what I’d do for the rest of my life.

Low and behold… time continues to tick forward and things change!

Let’s look at what I’m talking about:


You guys know I’ve been using ClickSure for promoting affiliate products for a while now (ever since I started using the PFS system). However, I kept hearing about ClickBank, and it seems to be one of the top information product retailers online right now.

I had put it on the back burners for a while, but I decided it was finally time to check it out a few weeks ago.

I applied the same principles of the PFS program and just started picking though some of the ClickBank products there. They’ve got a TON of cool stuff!

I’ve always liked ClickSure, since that’s where I started making money online in the form of a passive income, but ClickBank has a lot more to choose from.

It’s an affiliate marketer’s dream!

If you’re a beginner and thinking of where to best promote products for affiliate marketing, I’d highly recommend starting with ClickBank. Don’t get me wrong… ClickSure is great too. In fact, you probably want to promote affiliate products from both… but don’t overwhelm yourself!

Were I to do it all over again, I’d probably start with ClickBank this time around. The quality of the products there is amazing, and they practically sell themselves when you implement them into the PFS software!

Anyways, good luck friends and thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment b/c I’d really enjoy hearing about everyone else’s success stories :)

6 Crucial Underground Tips Finally Exposed!

Marketing as an affiliate can be a great way to make some extra money without having to deal with inventory or customer service directly like a traditional online business. However, most beginners are unaware of the most effective approach  to affiliate marketing.

  1. Do the research on the product or service you are intending to promote. If you choose an affiliate program that offers monthly memberships or  subscriptions, it can be a great passive income opportunity because you will earn a commission each month for every customer the customer stays signed up for the membership. On the other hand, there are a lot of products out there like e-books that only offer a commission for the initial sale.
  2. Try new things regularly. If the products you have chosen initially are not converting well, it is time to choose a different one in the same niche or switch to a different niche all together. Affiliate marketing is a trial and error affair. Do not be afraid to keep trying until you come across a product that works for you, and when it does, take advantage of it to it’s maximum potential. Obviously, you don’t want to switch away from something that is successful for you.
  3. Use content marketing to sell affiliate products. Most people will not buy a product through an affiliate link without any prior information about the product or what it can do for them, and this is where many affiliate beginners fail. It leads to them spamming and distributing nonsense around the web with automation software. This creates a problem for many webmasters and leads to no profits whatsoever for the affiliates. Often times, many newbies to internet marketing are completely mislead, but there is no way around the fact that you will have to do work in order to get paid. It will only become a passive income if you work hard to set it up properly by providing value before you can chase the money. Content marketing means that you are providing legitimate, useful information to the consumer before you refer them to your affiliate link or lead capture page. The same goes for email marketing. Just because you have thousands of subscribers doesn’t mean they are going to buy anything through your emails if you begin to sell to them right away. Just think about how you interact with advertisements on the internet yourself. What triggers you to buy yourself?
  4. Pick something you are passionate about without too much competition. Do you keyword and niche research and spend an adequate amount of time here because it is the cornerstone for success. You want to make sure you pick a niche that has a demand, but don’t go for keywords that have way too much competition. Use a good keyword tool to check for search volume and check the top 10 pages in the SERPs for your potential main keyword for competition. Check their PageRank, domain age, and whether their keyword usage is top-notch (i.e. is it in their URL, title, meta tags, etc?).
  5. Choose your merchants wisely. Once you have done your niche and keyword research, it is likely that you will find a large host of products from different merchants that you can choose from to promote. Do a bit of research yourself on each product and find out which one would compel you to buy. Don’t just look at the vendor statistics provided by the affiliate networks. Be sure to check out the pros and cons of every potential product you wish to promote individually.
  6. Optimize your money post for conversions (not SEO). When writing copy for affiliate promotion advertising, make it easy for your reader to draw out the information they want. Avoid complicated terms or technical jargon, keep your paragraphs short, and use bullet points whenever possible. Readers are more likely to scan your review quickly and make a decision than they are to read through a lengthy article. You money post will be the blog post at the very top and on the front of your homepage, and here, it should aim to persuade the reader to take action to purchase your affiliate product. You can optimize the rest of your site for the search engines to get traffic, but make sure that visitors can easily navigate to your money post no matter where they are on your site. Having a banner ad in your sidebar is a great way to ensure your promotion is visible from any part of your site.

The online marketing field can be very competitive, as lots of different affiliates are trying to sell the same products or services. However, by using some of the advice contained in the tips above, you should be able to increase the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns and increase your income.