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My Updated Results! Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

My Updated Results! Affiliate Marketing For Beginners to Making Money Online Fast

Hey guys! It’s Sam again, and I’m back to sharing my updated earnings with you after nearly a week of using PFS (affiliate marketing program for beginners).

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I was so excited about actually making money online so fast and finally with affiliate marketing after using it that I had to share my initial results yesterday.

UPDATE (03-02-2013): Check out my updated earnings!

Updated ClickSure Earnings 1-15-2013It seems that I should have just waited ’till today, because I woke up to what you see on the left! The crazy thing is, it is only 12:22 PM as I’m writing this, but I have already earned $355.95 in affiliate commissions today only!

As I wrote yesterday, it took me a bit longer to get my first sale than they showed in the video. Initially, I also wasn’t making the $100′s per day. Either way, I was still super happy that I was started to make money online fast after trying out Mark Wilson’s system.

Yesterday, I got my highest affiliate commission ever of $60.37. However… as can see for today, I woke up to a whopping $350.

I know it is a bit early to tell where this is all going because I try to be more of a realist than an optimist especially when it comes to affiliate marketing or any kind of “make money online” venture.  But… my progress seems to be exponential already just for the first few days of earning.

To me, this has proved one of the best approaches to affiliate marketing for beginners. There seem to be a lot of affiliate marketing programs for beginners out there, but that’s just the scary part. Most of these products are just plain scams. They just teach you obsolete methods, so you waste more than just your money; you’re also wasting your time.

Any form of internet marketing requires patience and a keen eye for what is credible and what’s not. The art behind selling affiliate products comes with experience, but the science (the technical challenges) of it is what generally dissuades people from persevering.

The hardest part of affiliate marketing for newcomers is getting that initial sale. Once you have achieved this, it is all about copying that same strategy over and over again. With time, you will learn how to optimize and streamline the process to increase your residual income.

To get over the challenge of achieving that very first ClickBank or ClickSure commission, do exactly what I did.

UPDATE 02-04-2013: After leaving just my first two campaigns running to see if they would continue to provide a passive income, here are my ClickSure earnings:


Not bad right? I’m definitely going to set up more campaigns like this. I just wanted to check to see whether they would continue to provide this income on autopilot.

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  1. Sandy says:

    That’s very impressive! I’m happy for you Sam. I hope to see similar results as I am a beginner also :)

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