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Project First Sale Review – How 3 Ordinary Folks Make Money Online Fast

Project First Sale Review – How 3 Ordinary Folks Make Money Online Fast

Hey friends! Samantha here, to share my thoughts and experience on “Project First Sale”.

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Project First Sale is a new product from Mark Wilson designed to teach people how to make money online fast with affiliate marketing. In this review, we will be seeing exactly how it works. Watch how it turns three ordinary people into first-time affiliate commission earners:

Project First Sale Review – Could You Do This?

Be Ware Of Phony Reviews! Their Real Website Is projectfirstsale.com

Affiliate marketing has always been the preferred way to make money online because it allows one to build a passive income by working from home. However, normally it isn’t the solution to make money online fast since it takes so much time and effort to build it up. That is only if you know exactly what you are doing.

In this Project First Sale review, you’ll see that there is finally a different way. Please ignore the cheesiness of the video and how they brag about how much money they have made, etc – yeah, it was a turn off for me too. But then… I realized they had to prove to us that they weren’t messing around. Anyone can claim to make money online with the crazy amounts they show, but in this Project First Sale review video, we actually see the undeniable proof for ourselves.

Is It A Scam?

Still… I guess those screenshots can always be faked, right? However, I am a big fan of how they did it differently. They actually showed how three newcomers (which had never made any money online or even tried affiliate marketing) could put it to the test. After a very short while, they were able to produce around $100 per day.

I thought that was extremely impressive, but I’ve been scammed before. They are getting craftier and craftier with their marketing videos these days, and it is important to be extremely cautious.

Sure.. I was afraid it was a scam, but with the 60 day refund policy from ClickSure, I thought I should at least give it a try (especially with the discount link I share here above).

Make Money Online Fast? Success At Last!

As you can see on the right, I was finally able to reproduce the results somewhat! It did take me a few days longer than they

Sam's ClickSure earnings!

claimed in the video, and I’m not quite at $100 per day just yet, but I was psyched! Actually, I’m still ecstatic!

This was wonderful news to me! I was just getting sick and tired of struggling with affiliate marketing, and I thought there just wasn’t anything out there to make money online fast (or ever).

I will be posting my results as I go from now on here on this Project First Sale review blog because I know people will always be skeptical. Please leave a comment if you have any questions!

UPDATE (01-15-2013): Check out my updated earnings!


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